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Today we had a disaster in the garden. One of my tomato plants collapsed under it’s own weight because I failed to stake or cage it properly. The poor thing had to go. On the brighter side, this gives us an excellent opportunity to see what’s going on under the hood when our plants grow. […]

The Satisfaction Of Eating A Meal You Grew In Your Own Backyard

Today I made this salad, it isn’t much, but I raised it from the earth (or rather, the water) with my own hands so I’m proud of it. I’ve been meaning to do a short article like this for a while. Currently, the reality is that hydroponics costs more than traditional gardening, or just buying […]

Ebb&Grow;: 12 Plant Hydro System

My favorite outdoor hydroponic system is the Ebb&Grow system made by C.A.P.P., because I feel it is able to handle the rigors of the outdoors while allowing you to grow an insane amount of veggies in a small area. It’s about $400, but it’s been the best investment i’ve ever made. The system comes with a […]

Fizzy Farm DWC: Grow in warmer conditions with ease

Today we review the Fizzy Farm, Zero Mile Farms’ take on a DWC system. Without giving Zero Mile Farms too much of an ego boost, I have to say that I am very pleased to have had the ability to review this product, as their unique design and usage of an oxygen injecting pump in lieu of traditional airstones has […]

The Beginners Guide To Making Your Own 8 Site DWC

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide To Do-It-Yourself Hydroponic DWC’s. This article will run you through the process of making your own 8 plant DWC system from a 10 gallon plastic tote/bin you can find at your local walmart or elsewhere. This article assumes you know nearly nothing about hydroponics and is intended for beginners or […]

How To Calibrate A pH Meter

Learn how to calibrate a meter that is giving you trouble or erroneous readouts. I began a new project today after a temporary hiatus from hydro, and low and behold I noticed that when I put my pH meter into my tap water, which normally rests at 7-9pH, I noticed it read as having a pH […]

Cool Hydroponic System Displayed At The 2012 Maker Faire

This year my family and I went to the 2012 Maker Faire, and MAN was it awesome. One thing I was surprised to see was an urban homesteading section that had all kinds of cool booths which were exhibiting everything from DIY seedbombs, to how to grow your own mushrooms or make honey with your own […]

Build Your Own DWC System Out Of A 5 Gallon Bucket

Many people who are new to hydroponics are often times put off by the initial costs of many hydroponic systems. While it is true that you could spend a seemingly unlimited amount of money on your dream grow, there are many ways to enjoy the benefits of hydroponics without breaking your wallet. Today, we are […]