Growing Weed In Winter? Yes, It’s Possible!

Growing marijuana in the winter, is it possible?  Yes, and it doesn’t have to be a misery provided you know how to keep the correct room temperature and humidity and ways to control weed and pest.   After all, cannabis is a versatile and adaptable plant. With optimal conditions, they can thrive!  Now if growing indoors,   you just have to discover these secrets that seasoned growers use themselves.

Room temperature

One of the most important considerations, when growing cannabis in the winter is temperature because it’s cannabis, is sensitive and requires temperatures between 75-86° Fahrenheit (24-30° Celsius) at daytime and 64-72° Fahrenheit (18-22° Celsius) at nighttime.

You should maintain this temperature requirement for the plants to grow well.

For example, its growth rate will be negatively affected if the temperature at night drops below 16 degrees Celsius.

But while there can be a discrepancy between daytime and nighttime temperatures especially in the first three weeks during the flowering stage, you should keep it as minimal to reduce the space between the nodes.

Are you using hot lights? The heat they emit can be enough to keep a good temperature, but it is a different story when they’re switched off.

To prevent temperature drops, you might want to keep the lights on at night.

But when the lights are off at daytime, the temperature can be insufficient to maintain temperatures required even if they can be higher at this time of the day.

So if the temperature is dropping when lights are off in the day, you should use an electric heater or a central heating system to maintain the correct daytime temperature.

But in order to monitor correct daytime temperature, you might also want to use a digital thermostat that can control the heating system automatically based on the room’s temperature.

Are you using cold LED lights? If so, you should turn the heaters on all the time.


Aside from the room temperature, you should also watch out on humidity.

Both relative humidity and temperature are related because they can affect each other.

For example, if your grow room’s temperature is too low, it will have a high relative humidity.

When this happens, the water volume that will stay as vapor will also decrease.

If the vapor content in the air at a specific temperature will go beyond its capacity to hold vapor, there will be condensation in your grow room.

And following a prolonged period of condensation, botrytis and mildew and other types of mold will develop and spread in the grow room. To fix this problem, use a dehumidifier.

A few notes about RH in your grow room

Pay attention to the humidity level.  Control both temperature and RH for the cannabis plants to grow well.  Because if not,

  • Cannabis plants will suffer from slow and stretched growth if the air is too dry and hot.
  • They’ll grow slowly and prone to mold and fungus if the room air is both humid and cold.


Weed and pest infestation is every grower’s worst nightmare for his or her crops.  So for many of them, seeking the help of a pest control company is the best option.

These services make use of different techniques in eradicating pest based on certain factors including the type of bugs or pests infesting your cannabis plants.

While you can check leaves weekly for signs of bug bites or know how to treat clones using a wide spectrum natural pesticide like Neem oil, your efforts might not be enough if you cannot target the pests using specific, effective approaches based on the type of infestation in your grow room.

Employing a pest and weed control service, you can also be sure that they can apply natural pesticides, such as Neem oil or insecticidal soaps, or chemical types, at the right places and timings.

Using a pest control service, you can rest assured of a targeted, no guesswork approach to eradicate the pests and weeds in your grow room.

Final Thoughts

Growing cannabis in the cold winter shouldn’t be a misery.  Provided you follow these tips and tricks, you can get by and make a great harvest.  Again, remember that relative humidity and ambient temperature are related. Keep optimal temperatures day and night to ensure of not having too low or too high humidity level. Lastly, you should employ a weed control service to eradicate that weeds and pests that will give you a poor harvest.