Buddah Box: The Most Compact Grow Op You’ve Ever Seen


Today I stumbled across this BEAST of a system pictured above. Meet the Buddah Box by SUPERCLOSET, one of the coolest designs for a grow tent/NFT system I’ve ever seen.

What Is It?

According to the makers, The Boodah Box is an all-in-one system that packages a “verticalponics” system and a “superponics” watering system into a grow tent. Random meaningless proprietary names aside, what this system is is a very compact tri-level NFT system using fence post style gutters and a  10 gallon reservoir.

It’s sexy and it knows it.

How Does It Work?

So now that we’ve stripped it down by removing the grow tent, we can begin to see a little more about how the Buddah Box actually works.

Basically it comes with two 600w HPS fixtures/bulbs and they hang suspended in the middle of the tent, giving ample light coverage to each row of NFT gutters. It can be upgraded to carry two 1,000w HPS bulbs as well.

It also comes with an integrated trellis system which I think is pretty neat. It manages keeps cool by sucking all of the hot air out from the HPS lights via a duct fan on the ceiling as well.

But how do I get into the thing?

It appears that their solution is having their grow tent unzip to expose most of the outer walls, but I feel like this would still not be ideal as the interior would be essentially off limits to the grower once a lot of foliage starts growing. Not a huge deal, but one of the setbacks of the system.

So in a 5x5x5 area you can grow 48 medium sized plants in this thing, which seems pretty efficient to me. Plus, the system is plug and play, it comes with everything you need, even TDS and pH meters, pumps, fans, aeration, the whole 9 yards. Sign me up right?

WRONG: They are charging the laughably outrageous price of not one, not two, but $5,000!

Don”t make me laugh, you could build this yourself for under $500 (the frame/NFT) and then buy all the fans and lighting and stuff for another $500. The only thing that would be tricky is setting up the light to hang in the middle of the tent but I bet something like that could be rigged up in no time. Build this at home yourself kids, don’t pay this completely unjustified price.

Are Bigger Buddah Box Models available?

Absolutely. For the even more laughable price of nearly $5,500, you can get the (arguably way cooler) walk in system that can grow 78 plants.

This one is really cool actually if you can take a moment to stop laughing at the price tag.

This larger model (8x8x8)  allows you to grow up to 78 plants, and you can actually walk into this unit to tend to the plants from inside the square there.

I really like this setup. So much so, that I am going to make building one of these for outdoor use my next priority. I will of course give a step by step in both written and video format so you can follow along at home and build your own.