Today we had a disaster in the garden. One of my tomato plants collapsed under it’s own weight because I failed to stake or cage it properly. The poor thing had to go. On the brighter side, this gives us an excellent opportunity to see what’s going on under the hood when our plants grow. Plus, I had a bunch of basil clones that have grown pretty big roots sitting around in my cloner, so I took the opportunity to try an experiment: I decided to put a basil clone into my Ebb&Flow system that I normally reserve for the larger plants!

Here’s the pictures from me killing my plant, pulling it up by the roots, and providing you with enough root porn to make it through the rest of your day. Enjoy.


Under The Hood

Trapped Hydroton

Root Porn

A Basil Clone To Fill The Void

So the tomato was dead and gone, but it did free up some much needed space for my newest experiment: Can I keep a basil plant alive in my Ebb&Flow system? Stay Tuned to find out…


Edit: So after the plants in this system finished their cycle, the result was that the basil plant did not perform well. This was because it was placed in a system that had nutrients designed specifically for blooming plants and with basil we want to do everything we can to prevent it from flowering and do our best to keep it in a vegetative state. With all those bloom nutes, this thing just sat growing flowers the whole time instead of tasty basil leaves. Do not add vegetative only plants to systems with blooming plants, or you’re gonna have a bad time.