One day I moved into a new house, and decided that I wanted to take back control of my health. The problem was that I didn’t like vegetables much but I knew I had to eat more of them. I figured, “If I grow them and raise them with my own hands, I will be more inclined to eat them!”. Unfortunately, my house only had a small, concrete backyard. I could only afford maybe 10×15 feet of gardening space. Eventually I stumbled across hydroponics and realized this was my ticket, I could not only grow more food in a smaller space, but also let the science geek in me come out in my work.

When I first hit up my local hydroponic store, they basically laughed at me. I told them I didn’t have any space to do it indoors and that I planned on growing enough food to feed my family in my back yard. A plethora of reasons were listed as to the many hurdles I would encounter, rain, more bugs, weather conditions etc. Most importantly however, most hydroponic stores cater to cannabis cultivators, and aren’t really all that knowledgeable on how to grow actual food, so they didn’t even know anyone who had tried this.

Thus I set out to figure it out on my own, because even on the internet most of the world seemed to only be talking about growing pot with this next-gen growing technique, and I found few resources available to help me grow as an urban hydroponic gardener wishing to feed my family.

Years later, I am now an expert on most things hydroponic and have been growing enough food to feed my family, give out bags of free produce to co-workers, and even have enough left over to donate to my local food bank.

I decided that Hydroponics was an idea worth spreading, and that if others were to adopt this system and start growing for their own families (self sustainability is an important part of a household IMO), than I will post my experience online so that no one runs into the same lack of resources that I did.

Thus, this site’s focus is to help anyone interested in growing food in a small urban space, using cutting edge technology that will blow you away with it’s results. I seek to educate and inform, in the hopes that eventually others living in big cities can enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own food in your own backyard, no matter how much space you have.

If you would like to contact me to make a suggestion for an article, or if you would like to see a product review that isn’t listed, or if you just want to shoot the shit about hydroponic, please send it to [email protected]

I read every email, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you are having trouble with your setup or would like some advice on which type of nutrient or hydroponic system to use etc.