SunBlaster NanoDome Combo Kit

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SunBlaster NanoDome Combo Kit


If you are starting from seed, this is the product for you.

Kit Includes:

NanoDome and Double Thick Tray:

This new high dome by SunBlaster incorporates SunBlaster T5HO light tracks for an unbeatable combo when it comes to getting your seedlings started. These light tracks receive all T5HO lamps with NanoTech T5 Reflectors. Engineered to receive lighting bi-directionally. Want to light four 1020 trays simultaneously? No problem! Just line them up side by side and use just two SunBlaster 4’ lamps to get the coverage you need.

18" T5HO Bulb:

Custom-built for the innovative new NanoDome; Sun Blaster’s new 18” T5HO Fluorescent plant Light with 
Nanotech reflector is a key companion to the NanoDome. This fully assembled T5 plant lighting solution 
includes a specially built 18” ballast and T5 plant light that runs at 6400K with 17 watts. This 
propagation light kit by Sun Blaster delivers the highest CRI available in plant lighting (90%) and 
maximum concentration of focused light directly into the propagation dome.

CX Hydroponics Clone Start 250ml:

Clone Start is packed full of nutrients and natural vitamins. As the newly cut clone has no roots it is not able to take up nutrients to carry out its normal processes. Clone Start ensures these nutrients are readily and fully available. Sprayed on the leaves, Clone Start contains a specialized carrier that penetrates the leaves and cuticles, carrying the full complement of nutrients directly to the plant’s cells. Clone Start makes use of a brand new approach to diseases called Induced Resistance. This approach involves stimulating the plant’s own immune system so that it is more readily able to deal with pathogens. Naturally, the plant’s immune system is dormant when there are no diseases present. The clone is stimulated to produce antibody chemicals to protect itself from disease.

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