Dry Veg Nutes: Jack’s Professional 16-4-17 Hydro FeED (1lb)

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Dry Veg Nutes: Jack’s Professional 16-4-17 Hydro FeED (1lb)

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STOP paying for water weight!

Get the perfect base nutrient without paying for shipping all that water that it's competitors include in their products! This base nutrient has an ideal NPK ratio for all hydroponic plants and even comes with a calcium/magnesium level optimal for Hydroponic growth, meaning no Cal/Mag supplementation is required. Micronutrients are also included for your convenience.

Jack’s Hydro FeED is specifically designed to be used as a one bag, complete hydroponic nutrient system. Calcium and magnesium are provided in the bendable nitrate form. Effectively, this one bag will substitute for the older two-part hydroponic formulas.

This innovative formula provides all the macro, secondary and micronutrients in a one-part system. Hydro FeED was designed specially for hydroponically grown basil, cilantro, chives, parsley, lettuce and most vegetables. Includes a proprietary blend of iron chelates that keeps iron available even as the pH varies up to a high of 8.0. Also contains a significant level of soluble calcium and magnesium, for an all-around plant nutrition.    


Guaranteed Analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N) 16%
  • 3.40% Ammoniacal Nitrogen 
  • 12.60% Nitrate Nitrogen
  • Available Phosphate (P2O5) 4%
  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 17%
  • Calcium (Ca) 4%
  • Magnesium (Mg) 1.5%
  • 2.0% water soluble magnesium (Mg)
  • Boron (B) .022%
  • Copper (Cu) .014%
  • 0.014% Chelated Copper (Cu) 
  • Iron (Fe) .22%
  • 0.22% Chelated Iron (Fe)
  • Manganese (Mn) .05%
  • 0.05% Chelated Manganese (Mn)
  • Molybdenum (Mo) .008%
  • Zinc (Zn) .52%
  •  0.052% Chelated Zinc (Zn)


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