Spider Mite Infestation

Well, it was a good run. All season with no pesticide and they did fine, but now as winter approaches, spider mites have ravished my garden, so back to the earth it goes…


Completely ravished my eggplants, which once stood tall

Even on my reservoir, spider mites find a home


Some root porn for the fellas

And the close up

Nice root mass, shame to see it go

All my dreams, in a single garbage can

An empty garden once more

The Final Harvest

My custom sweet jalapenos. Cross bread with sweet baby bell peppers, they taste like sweet bell peppers but are hotter than anything you can find in the store

That cucumber was hiding under a tomato plant, it’s over 2 feet long but is filled with seeds, used here only for scale

And that’s all she wrote. I tried to salvage all I could for my last harvest, but the spider mites had taken over. Next year, I still won’t use pesticides, but I am going to buy a lot of predatory mites to eat them. I didn't notice them and after neglecting my garden for 2 weeks, they took over. It lasted about a month before they killed everything and forced me to remove the plants, but it was a good run for a first try, I harvested at least as much as is shown in these pictures each week. I couldn't give them away fast enough, i have pasta sauces, hot sauces, pepper crab cakes etc, so it was all worth it.